James L. Small – Advisory Board Member 

Mr. Small is the former mayor of New Castle, Indiana, where he was the first Republican in 56 years to have been elected mayor in that highly Democratic city.  While mayor, he had to contend with drastically reduced budgets resulting from the national recession and from significantly reduced property tax income.  He responded by cutting the workforce while improving departmental efficiencies, and was thus able to continue providing the same high quality services to the public that were required or expected previously. As mayor, he worked closely with local and regional economic development offices, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, and other regional mayors to attract new industry to East Central Indiana.  Before being elected mayor, he was appointed by the Governor of Indiana to serve out a vacancy as City Court Judge and before that he was Special Projects Officer for the New Castle-Henry County Economic Development Corporation.

 Prior to returning to his home town of New Castle, he had attained the level of Senior Engineer with the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute (IITRI), where he worked for 23 years as a project manager.  Here he performed and managed electromagnetic compatibility research for the Department of Defense through its DoD Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center (ECAC) in Annapolis, Maryland. 

 While with IITRI, he performed deployment analyses for Marine Corps and Commander-in Chief Atlantic (CINCLANT) operations, as well as several Delta Force activities.  His major responsibility was ensuring the operational success of the Commander-in-Chief Europe’s (CINCEUR’s) HF frequency-hopping command and control net, REGENCY NET, and its compatibility with the NATO environment. 

 He was a commissioned Naval Officer from the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis through the Viet Nam War, specializing in foreign communications intelligence activities intercepted from naval land, surface, sub-surface and air platforms.  He was awarded three Air Medals and the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat “V” while serving with Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron (VQ-1) in the Viet Nam theater of operations.  

 Mr. Small holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry and Physics from Hanover College.