Kym Arcuri, PhD - Advisory Board Member

Dr. Arcuri will direct and establish the initial process simulation incorporating the complete heat and material balance. The fully integrated model will identify all major equipment along with duties and initial sizing. Coordination with technology vendors is critical in order to establish the design basis for the FEL-3 and final cost.

Dr. Arcuri has 35 years of experience in syngas generation via reforming, partial oxidation and gasification. At Exxon, his major activities included the development of Exxon’s Fischer Tropsch technology as well as NG partial oxidation and hydrotreating the FT liquids to diesel, jet and lube feed stock. At Syntroleum, Dr. Arcuri served as technology director with primary emphasis on the core conversion technologies associated syngas technology and FT synthesis. At Emerging Fuels Technology, as VP of Engineering, Dr. Arcuri was involved in numerous engineering studies (many through FEL-3 basis). In addition to the core technologies, Dr. Arcuri has extensive experience in most of the syngas cleanup technologies associated with ratio adjustment and contaminant removal. As an independent consultant Dr. Arcuri has been involved in the detailed analysis of most of the commercial technologies associated with syngas generation, FT synthesis and product upgrading.