Montclair Industries
Montclair Industries Inc. (“MII”), a subsidiary of the D’Arcinoff Group, Inc, is responsible for executing the company’s equipment manufacturing strategies.
MII works in close relationship with existing international manufacturing companies to establish and operate equipment manufacturing to service the requirements of DG Energy, Inc. and other customers with innovative state-of-the-art energy production equipment.

MII equipment production is expected to directly employ personnel in New York, Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Indiana. These new jobs will mostly be at former automotive manufacturing facilities.

MII expects to manufacture the following equipment:
Natural Gas Oxidation Gasification Units
Biomass Gasification Units
Cryogenic Air Separation Equipment
Wind Turbine Production
Conventional Heliostat Production
Electrolysis Production
Automated Biomass collection equipment production
Inflatable Heliostat Production
Prefabricated Piping