D'Arcinoff Group Engages Dr. Robert L. Freerks as a member of its Advisory Board

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The D'Arcinoff Group, Inc. announced that Dr. Robert L. Freerks has joined its Advisory Board. Dr. Freerks will direct the formation and implementation of DG Energy's enhanced product development and certification programs for its Fischer-Tropsch (FT) transportation-and-aviation fuels and chemicals. Dr. Freerks will be responsible for the coordination of these programs with both governmental and private sector technical committees for approval of the products for commercial use.

Dr. Freerks comes to DG with over 29 years of experience in the formulation and development of FT synthetic fuels, synthetic lubricants, oil-based lubricants, oil and fuel additive packages and biofuels. From 1999 through 2013, Dr. Freerks was the Director of Product Development at Syntroleum Corporation in Tulsa, Oklahoma and then Product Development at Rentech Inc.. While at these position, he developed synthetic jet fuel produced via the FT synthesis and hydroprocessing technology. He worked closely with the Department of Defense to qualify the fuel for military aircraft and equipment under the JBUFF program (Joint Battlespace Use Fuel of the Future). While at his previous position, Dr. Freerks also conducted an extensive testing and development program under a Department of Energy contract. This program successfully demonstrated FT synthetic fuels performance in Diesel engines run under laboratory and field conditions. Additionally, from 1981 until 1999, Dr. Freerks was employed by Chevron Research and Technology Company where he developed and formulated several lines of heavy duty diesel products, base oils, additive packages and synthetic lubricants.

"We are very pleased to be welcoming Dr. Freerks to DG," stated Michael C. Darcy, president and CEO of the D'Arcinoff Group, Inc. "Robert's extensive leadership experience in product development programs and the formulation and certification of FT fuels and lubricants will enhance the Company's technology commercialization efforts. His addition to our technical staff is another example of D'Arcinoff's intent to build its domestic leadership role in the commercialization of the FT process for the production of ultra-clean fuels."

Dr. Freerks was awarded a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from California State University, Long Beach and a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine.

Advisory Board Appointment of James McVaney

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James (Jim) McVaney has more than 20 years as an effective advocate and executive across three trade associations, one corporation and the Congress of the United States. He has demonstrated success in producing tangible positive results for his clients and association members. His experience reaches across conventional and alternative energy, defense, aviation, transportation, chemicals and manufacturing, as well as the retail sector and agriculture.

Jim is the Founder and President of the Kinetic Solutions Group, a consultancy developing and implementing cost effective advocacy and business strategies for companies and organizations in the energy, clean-tech, transportation, manufacturing and financial sectors, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Prior to this Jim served as Vice President, Government Affairs & Aerospace Business Development for Rentech Inc, a chemicals manufacture and renewable power and synthetic fuels technology company. While at Rentech he led the company’s effort to secure US$22.6 million in USG funding to demonstrate its ClearFuels biomass gasification system as an integrated materials processing systems for the production of cellulosic biofuels. The project was the critical gateway for demonstrating the both the Rentech ClearFuels biomass gasifier, but also further improving the operational performance of the Rentech Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels and chemicals conversion process in preparation for deployment or sale.

Jim also led the company’s relationship development with the airline industry, leading to the first flight using synthetic fuels by United Airlines, a fuel supply contract for LAX airport and a memorandum of understand with a consortium of 13 airlines for a multi-year jet fuels supply agreement.

Jim has also demonstrated he effectiveness in finance and business development, serving as the primary catalyst for numerous bilateral and multilateral commercial agreements within the energy sector, winning U.S. Government funding for various projects, as well as State and local support for both commercial scale projects and research and development efforts. While at Rentech Jim served on the Executive Committee and as Treasurer of the Advanced Biofuels Association, the Chairman of the Low Carbon Synthetic Fuels Association and as Chair of the Energy Committee of The Fertilizer Institute.

Prior to joining Rentech, Jim was Director, Government Affairs for the Air Transport Association of America, Inc, the leading trade association for the U.S. passenger and cargo airlines, where he led the Association’s energy and fuels advocacy initiatives. He was a co-founder of the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, a U.S. Federal Aviation Administration led effort to facilitate the development of cleaner, non-crude oil derived fuels for U.S. aviation.

Before ATA Jim served as Team Leader, Energy & Climate Policy at the American Chemistry Council, and before that was Director of Government Affairs for the Food Marketing Institute, the trade association for the domestic supermarket industry.

Jim holds his Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, and is completing is Masters in Business Administration at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

Advisory Board Appointment of Donna Rennemo

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Donna Rennemo is the Founder and CEO of Earth Minded Online whose mission is to accelerate clean technology solutions to market. The company objective is to promote change in the renewable energy sector through the promotion of these products and technologies. The company focus has been working within the hydrogen and wind industries; working with state and federal governments, OEMs, and industry stakeholders regarding the building of alternative fuel infrastructures, providing cutting edge technologies that enable optimization of Annual Energy Production (AEP) of wind farms, and developing enhanced technologies that enable the optimization of the transmission line capacity and power output of distributed generation.

Rennemo holds over 25 years of International Sales and Marketing experience within the Computer Software Industry where she has achieved positive results from sales, business development and marketing antivirus, visualization, networking, and messaging solutions into the design, technology, automotive, banking, and telecom industries.

Prior to Earth Minded Online, Rennemo held the position of European Corporate Marketing Director for Trend Micro, Inc. She impacted revenue growth in EMEA region with global branding and communications campaigns enhanced brand equity and expanded product recognition. She was instrumental in building the relationship with Cisco whom Licensed Trend Micro Technology by integrating solutions into their business ecosystem and enhancing competitive position.

Rennemo’s International Sales and Marketing experience included tenures at Network Computing Devices Inc., where she held International Marketing and Management positions. She has extensive experience working with partners and leading cross-functional, multi-cultural teams to achieve success, and has a successful track record building strong relationships with customers, channels, and alliance partners. Alliance partnerships included Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, and DuPont. Donna has worked as a consultant regarding the use of cutting edge automotive design technologies where she worked with Ford Motor Company (FMC) and Global Trustmark Companies; Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, as well as PSA Peugeot Citroen and Pininfarina. Donna holds a B.A., Business Administration; emphasis International Marketing from California State University and a Certificate in International Business from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Languages; Norwegian, Italian, English.

Advisory Board Appointment

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Advisory Board Appointment of Mr. Robert E. Kent, Refining

Mr. Kent has 34 years experience of countless duties and responsibilities in refinery management, business leadership and strategic development. He has a proven track record of identifying, creating and capturing refinery value as well as at asset and trading interface. He has direct experience in operations, engineering, and trading. Mr. Kent has excelled at creating systems that resulted in measurable improvements in performance. He is recognized for theoretical and technical analysis of issues, has an understanding of complex and difficult subjects and as needed, has the ability to simplify and relate them to others. 

Mr. Kent has a Masters in Business Administration Finance from the University of Minnesota, Carlton School of Business and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Wisconsin. He is on the National Petrochemical & Refiners Association Board of Directors and is active on several committees including Manufacturing and Process Safety. Mr. Kent is a Professional Engineer registered in the state of Minnesota. Mr. Kent’s career experience includes Vice President of Refining at CITGO. This position was responsible for the business and operations of the three CITGO refineries (combined capacity of 820,000 barrels per day (BPD) and 2,500 employees.) He was also accountable for the Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) Group, the CITGO Capital Investment Program
and the Supply Chain System in Houston. Prior to that, Mr. Kent served as CITGO Vice President and Refinery Manager in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This position was responsible for managing all aspects of a 420,000 BPD heavy crude, high conversion refinery and a 9,500 BPD lubricants plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Advisory Board Appointment of Mr. Dov Kawamoto

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DG is pleased to announce that Mr. Dov Kawamoto has joined its Advisory Board and will provide advice and guidance primarily in areas of the automated system development.

Mr. Kawamoto served 15 years in the United States Marine Corp. While serving he gained valuable experience in innovative start-up organizations and specializing in complex integration and project management. 

In November 2001, served as member of team that planned and executed the seizure of Objective Rhino in Afghanistan as a part of a 400-mile amphibious assault, the longest in history. He then served as a member of the three-man, advanced party sent to Kuwait in preparation for the invasion of Iraq and, integration under the British Royal Marines, a first since WWII. Following his experience as one of the first advisors to the Iraqi army in 2004, he was one of the founders of the Marine Corps Special Operations Command. He then developed the Marine Corps Information Operations Center; and lastly deployed again to Afghanistan as the first operations planner for the newly established US Cyber Command. After leaving the Marine Corps, he became the Director of Operations for Bear & SEA llc. 

Mr. Kawamoto has a Bachelors degree in philosophy from the University of Mississippi and a MPA from Troy University.

Advisory Board Appointment of Mr. Jack Stallings

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Mr. Jack Stallings – Advisory Board, Community Development  

DG is pleased to announce that Mr. Jack Stallings has joined its Advisory Board and will provide advice and guidance primarily in areas of the agricultural operations, and community development.

Mr. Stallings has recently retired from the position of Economic Development Representative under the Rural Economic Development Division of the Texas Department of Agriculture. During his employment he coordinated the department’s economic development efforts in far West Texas. Mr. Stallings focused on enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life in rural Texas and provided rural communities with tools needed to attract and retain businesses, expand and improve public infrastructure, and secure quality health care. During Mr. Stallings 26 year tenure, he played a significant role in recruiting businesses to far west Texas resulting in capital investments of over $500 million and significant job creation.

Mr. Stallings ‘professional work experience has included management of a diversified farming operation and consultation with federal, state and local governments, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Jack Stallings earned his BS Degree in Agriculture Economics at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Advisory Board Appointment of Philip Puccia

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Mr. Philip Puccia – Advisor
DG is pleased to announce that Mr. Philip Puccia has joined its Advisory Board and will provide advice and guidance primarily in areas of finance and strategic planning.
Mr, Puccia has extensive experience in public finance, project management, and governmental turnarounds. He has worked as an Executive Director for J.P. Morgan Securities, providing investment banking services to state level issuers of municipal debt throughout New England. He has extensive experience in managing and improving governmental operations and finances. As Executive Director of a state appointed Control Board, he led the successful turn-around of the City of Springfield’s, MA finances by balancing three consecutive budgets, eliminating a deficit of $41 million, successfully negotiating labor contracts and improving the City’s bond rating from junk to investment grade.

He worked at three Massachusetts transportation agencies where he focused on budget and operational improvements and efficiencies. Mr. Puccia’s transportation experience includes service as both Chief of Staff and Deputy General Manager of the MBTA, where he managed a budget crisis, instituted a new capital planning process and served on the MBTA Pension Board. In addition, he served on the MBTA Forward Funding Commission in 2001 and participated in several transportation industry interest groups.

Mr. Puccia holds a B.A. from Fordham University and an M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Mr. Puccia is also a member of the Advisory Boards of both the UMass Boston College of Management and the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston at the Kennedy School, Harvard University.

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